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Need Help to Find and Reclaim the Joy You Lost? You cannot always do it alone and you don’t have to. Confused about what the legal system is doing? Doormats don’t win, neither do those who don’t learn at least the basics of the family code if in a divorce.

Pick yourself up and get out there and stand your ground and learn how to do it so you survive and thrive.

Feeling powerless? Lost your self-confidence? A victim of abuse and can’t find the way out? Need help with preparation and planning the divorce? Do you wonder if life will ever get better?   It will.

If you want support and perspectives on strategies to move from chaos to control, my sessions are valuable tools. Victims can be taught to disengage and learn empowering tools.

PRIVATE CONSULTATIONS AVAILABLE to help you cope and thrive and survive

When you need to figure out the chaos, divorce plans, custody or just need to talk, you don’t have to do it alone. There is nothing easy about dealing with a narcissist especially with emotions running high.

A phone consultation with follow up email

  • Pre-divorce plan
  • How to talk to your narcissist
  • How to leave
  • Talking to a narcissist
  • Children and the narcissistic parent
  • Divorcing a narcissist
  • Self-esteem issues

Phone Consultation with follow up email: $95

Email consultations

  • We can discuss any element of your narcissist or divorce
Email consultation: $50

Books by Ann Bradley

Available on Amazon Kindle,  iBookstore, and the NOOK

Divorce: The Real Truth and Hidden Dangers (also available as a PDF)

I Can Do It! Power Guide for Women (also available as a PDF)

Let’s Talk About Narcissism