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I write about corrupt people. I expose them, using their own words and deeds. Nothing else. I hold up the mirror and show them their reflection. They do not like it. They complain.

I do this because it matters. It is as simple and complex as that because when injustice and lies explode in your gut and you do nothing and when they see fees where you see laws, the moral imperative to police the corrupt is in play.

Philosopher Julian Baggini, writing in BBC news said, “Revealing simple truths about simplistic

falsehoods is not just a minor philosophical task, like doing the dishes at Descartes’ Diner while the real geniuses

cook up the main courses. For when it comes to the relevance of philosophy to real life, all the commitments

we make on the big issues are determined by considerations which are ultimately quite straightforward…

Any individual or group is shown to be ridiculous when only their pathetic and partial view of the world is taken to be everything.”

Ann Bradley

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  1. http://disruptedphysician.com/2014/11/07/integrity-and-accountability-help-me-expose-these-pious-hypocrites/

    Good leadership requires correct moral and ethical behavior of both the individual and the organization. . Integrity is necessary for establishing relationships of trust. It requires a true heart and an honest soul. People of integrity instinctively do the “right thing” in any and all circumstances. Adherence to ethical codes of the profession is a universal obligation. It excludes all exceptions. Without ethical integrity, falsity will flourish.

    The documents below show fraud. It is intentional. All parties involved knew what they were doing, knew it was wrong but did it anyway. The schism between pious rhetoric and reality is wide.

    One measure of integrity is truthfulness to words and deeds. These people claim professionalism, ethics and integrity. The documents show a reality of hypocrisy and sanctimony. But the hypocrisy seen here is also a danger because the careers and lives of doctors are in these peoples hands.

    Dr. Clive Body in his book Corporate Psychopaths writes that “Unethical leaders create unethical followers, which in turn create unethical companies and society suffers as a result.” And according to Dr. Robert Hare in Without Conscience “If we can’t spot them, we are doomed to be their victims, both as individuals and as a society. ”

    Abuse under the utility of medical coloration is especially egregious. It violates the fundamental ethical principles of Medicine -Autonomy, Beneficence, Nonmaleficence and justice. Intentionally falsifying a laboratory or diagnostic test to refer for an evaluation or support a diagnosis or give unwarranted “treatment” is unconscionable.

    Similar fraud is occurring across the country.

    This is an example of the institutional injustice that is killing physicians. Finding themselves entrapped with no way out, helpless and hopeless they are feeling themselves bereft of any shade of justice and killing themselves. These are nothing more than bullies and accountability is essential.

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