Greed and Narcissism in An Israeli Court: Mom Loses Custody

One of the most important books I have ever read is about divorce in Israel.  Mom is a California girl, met Dad in grad school.  He was Israeli. They married, moved to Israel, had a kid, built a house and he began hitting them. Divorce ensued but as we all know with an abuser/narcissist, normal is not in the picture. Mom is a writer and she wrote a book. A powerful book.

I wrote this about her and her book years ago:

Why does evil always have a target? It would be easier if it diffused, and gave of itself equally, but it does not. Ema, like many, when targeted of one evil, attracts more. Not only does the father of her daughter target her, but so too  the social worker who makes custody decisions and apparently falls under the spell of Dad.  The judge listens to the social worker and makes a decision based not on facts but transmutation of facts through her lens. Corruption is comprised of laziness, patriarchy and lack of higher level cognitive skills framed from a moral base. These people exhibit greed and sloth, and pass the results of their character flaws onto the families they attempt to destroy with decisions that come from ignorance.

I strongly suggest you read this engaging intellectual woman speak on abuse, custody and the legal system. It’s the same everywhere: filled with systemic fraud.

Neither Milk Nor Honey: Divorce and Custody In The State of Israel

Ann Bradley

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