The Most Exciting New Book on Divorce and Narcissism

Ema is an amazing woman with a story many of us share: the heartbreak of a marriage to and divorce from, a narcissist.

If you want to understand, learn, prepare, and most of all, carry on, then this book comes first:

neither milk nor honey

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When Ema and I first met her pages were put on this site, page by page, individually by me. The formatting drove me crazy! It was hours of work. But the story and the words and the strength were such that I’d do it again in a heartbeat. But here it is, ready now for you to hold in your hands and embrace her as it was meant to be. She has a gift here for your aching and longing and pain.

The gift is her story of strength, courage, fear, determination, and how she morphs it into a life lesson for her daughter. And dear reader, for you. I promise you this compelling story will lift your heart, open your eyes, and most of all, encourage you on your journey.

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