Repair the Damage of Divorce


Repair the Damage Historical and moral justice is served, and moral repair is made possible, only when the healing of wounds matters.”  Thane Rosenbaum, The Myth of Moral Justice

What a ride it has been. If anyone had said when I was born, ʻLittle girl the story has no glory and here it is – decide if you want the ride.”

What oh what would I have said?  “Send in make-up, Iʼm good to go.”? Or would I have taken one look and eased back into the ether taking my chance on the next turn of the karmic wheel?

We donʼt get that choice.  The Fates, those beautiful mythical women, are laughing at we mortals as they sing their refrain, “You do what we want.”

Which one of you gave me this divorce? 

The rains came, the windows broke, the Lord looked down and said, ʻWhatʼs the matter? Canʼt you take a joke?ʼ



Ann Bradley

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