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Life After…Moving To Happy

You Have Many Possible Futures – Which One Will You Choose?


You may have been told for so long that everything was your fault, you can’t do anything right, you’re not smart, so that all of a sudden you don’t know your strengths and the things that are right, and good, and healthy about you. Your fault? NO!

Try this:  you identified an abnormal relationship and you took action. That meant you used certain character strengths – you used wisdom and  perseverance.  You nurtured your children; that means you have the capacity to love and be loved.  You aren’t dumb and it isn’t your fault and I want you to get back in the game of life now! So jump in..

I wrote this quick guide to getting back to YOU and made it cut to the chase because, after all, haven’t you spent enough moments of your precious life on narcissism, jerks, misery, and unhealthy people? of course you have..so this is not going to take up a lot of your time.

A Quick Fun, Easy to Read Get Back on Track Book and Choose one of Your Many Possible Futures!

This is a fun to read self help guide will make you laugh, encourage you,  and help you get back on the road to happiness again.  Find out why dumb blondes aren’t and how to find fun and go places without an abuser hanging around!

Go ahead…see what you can do, who you can be!

A LITTLE GUIDE FOR BIG GIRLS: A One Hour Fast Track Guide to Do-Overs 

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Ann Bradley

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