Are You The Victim of a Liar? This cut to the chase guide is for YOU


Victim Of A Liar

LOVE, BETRAYAL, and  DIVORCE – A Little Guide to BIG Things

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When pain is felt in every cell find a way to make that pain work for you

There is recovery from betrayal, recovery from narcissistic abuse and return to joy.


Life is short so take care of yourself.  If betrayal and narcissistic abuse recovery is your goal, begin here.  Begin re-learning how good it is to be in charge of your feelings, thoughts and life.  No one can walk all over you without your permission.

“The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power.  You just take it.” ~Roseanne Barr

Table of Contents

• Short Introduction of Great Importance

• Been Down So Long it Looks Like Up to Me

• A Woman’s Guide to Understanding Love

• “You Want to Do What?” Find Out What You Need to Know
Before You Are Surprised By Your Partner

• The Changing Face of Divorce – 7 Things You Need to Know

• Betrayal – The Huge Hurt

• Co-Parenting Survival Tips

• Dumb and Naive in Divorce: Take Charge or Lose Everything in a Divorce Disaster

• Hidden Dangers of Divorce for the Naive and Trusting

• How To Control The Controller – Verbal and Emotional Abuse

• The Resilient Woman

• What To Look For In A Divorce Lawyer and How To Deal With Them

• How to Tell If the Prince is a Fraud


Life is short, take care of yourself.  Begin the re-awakening of being in love with yourself  and learning how good it is to be in charge of your feelings, thoughts, and life.  No one can walk all over you without your permission.

Don’t let another day go by feeling bad.

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Ann Bradley


  1. After 20 years married add 5 years of divorce/property settlement under narcissistic tyranny. On December 2, 2011 my termination will be complete. Only problem is that I will still be alive. She could care less and has no clue what she has done. I have had no help. Imagine that it was easier for my family to let me go than to have to deal with pure evil. . I am being sacrificed by the ones I love, who I used to call dad, mom, sister, brother, friend. Wife.

    • Know the feeling, my mother did a similar thing to me, no longer any contact with any extended family member or family friend for over 3 years now. There is no word but evil to describe what these people do, but you can get through it. Wishing you all the best in a new and freer life.

  2. Great article! This is the type of info that should be shared across the
    net. Shame on Google for not positioning this put up
    higher! Come on over and talk over with my website . Thank you =)

  3. Still living through the nightmare of over 30 years with a covert narcissist–add to that a therapist (LCSW) that was supposedly MY THERAPIST and that therapist sides with and plans attacks against me with my spouse, during our divorce. I terminated therapy with this therapist because he infiltrated every aspect of my life (legal, adult children, friends).
    I am told to move on–spouse and ex-therapist absolve themselves of any responsibility of my antipathy towards them–implying to others that I am the one with the problem. Smear campaigns from the both of them excruciate pain that can only be measured from the depths of hell.

  4. My wife of 25 years lied 10,000 times and her destitute taxi driver boyfriend used her to get a warm place for winter with $20,000 from our joint account.

    He is HIV positive and desparate but can sweetalk women into anything. He took her from our family, then helped her plan and get a protection order on me. I filed to divorce her with regret.

    Laws allow for behavior like this. She ended up taking my rental house business anyway. this guy planned to take my lifestyle using my wife to get it. the courts gave me custody of the then 9, now 12 yr son.

    she/they staged an exit using an argument and I was to be removed, it didn’t work. she left and they lived for a year in motels having good times and working against me together. the courts ordered reintegration for her and our son. she has no price to be paid and these laws allow this. I have so much evidence of underhanded planning and activity but yet no way to turn the table.

    She is the female and they can do no wrong. My boy wants no part of her but yet has to go through this reintegration stuff. my whole life has drastically changed and its based on this drivers action and needs. she has now said for the 100th time he is gone but that is just to get reintegrated with our son. this guy has hiv and my boy afraid of him by his actions against us and his hiv, even though this guy acts sweet. why is it women can do no wrong and the courts allow this. our family has been ruined for all the wrong reasons. my wife (ex) has a medical history were she needs taxi appointments for doc visits. she is on a lot of pain meds also. what happened to have this outcome? I filed to wake her up, but then that was exactly his plan.

  5. Similar situation but in this case he’s a prison guard. Then there is always God. In the end the truth will always prevail. The hard part is preserving our kids along with our sanity.

  6. That little enachxge made my morning. At first glance I was like, Wha? Jen Lancaster and Beth are tweeting pals? And then I read further a0 When she called youa0 some random blogger’ and pulled out that must go journal a sad poem now’ crap I thought wow respect your readers much?’a0 Apparently not if they have a disagreement with her. Good thing you had a smartass response.

  7. I caught my ex-wife in an affair. She gave her phone number to a AHL hockey player in Portland one night. When he contacted her, the began texting back and forth. Then she told me weeks after this that she was going to go back on birth control( I had a vasectomy). Then the “Sleep overs” at girls from her work started. I discovered the affair when I noticed her acting different, walking into other rooms to text, ect. I checked our phone bills and found a number from a different area code. I contacted the number and was told that she “never told me she was married!” When I asked if he had slept with her his reply was “She never told me she was married!” When I confronted her about my findings, she actually got made at ME! Accused me of spying. Lied and said that she never talked to the guy more then one or two times and that I humiliated her by contacting him.
    Now after the divorce, she has had at least 4 boyfirends in a 18 month period. 2 have had prior domestic violence assault arrests and drug usage history.
    She has yet another boyfriend now whom she has introduced to our children (Girls 18,14 and 11) They all do not like him. They have told her they arfe uncomfortable around him and that they don’t want him spending the night. Her response was according to them “Get use to it”
    She works over nights 3 nights a week, so when she doesnt work and the girls go to her house, he is always there and they feel ignored. Again when they told her this her response was ” get use to it I have a life too!”
    She constantly accuses me of putting the kids in the middle and emotionally abusing them when I talked with them and told them if they are ever uncomfortable when he is around them that they can call me and I get them. She is an expert at transferring her actions and making me feel as if I’m wrong to have talked with my girls about their feelings. No mater what I do or say she accuses me of harassing her or she accuses me of “doing emotional damage to the kids”
    Ive been in counseling for over a year now and have learned ways to cope with her and her narcissistic ways

    • So sorry you are dealing with this. You correctly identified what a narcissist does: transferring her actions to you and framing them as an accusation. If you want to know what a narcissist is doing, see what they accuse you of. That’s what appears to be going on with you. Bravo to you for learning how to deal with her – and being there for the kids. They should be fine because of you. Please know that you are not in the wrong at all. When she accuses you, pretend you have a teflon suit on and let it all bounce off. This will calm your brain and allow her to be seen as the drama mama and you as the normal. Best, Ann

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