Divorcing a Jerk is Why We Plan


There is nothing quite like divorcing an uncooperative narcissist or jerk. This person can be male or female but don’t panic –  plan.

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Planning begins with learning, strategy and tactics. In the planning stage it also means to keep everything to yourself.  Loose lips sink ships, especially in a divorce.  You do not want an uncooperative partner to know what you are thinking or planning. This can be turned against you very quickly by opposing counsel.

Think of planning as preparing for a marathon. You wouldn’t run a marathon without knowing the geography of the land, eating well, and putting yourself in the right psychological mindset. Divorce with a jerk is draining both physically and emotionally. Get in shape so you can go the length. This page has been popular on divorcing a narcissist that I am putting it here for you to find easily: Divorcing a Jerk

Divorce is an annual 30+ billion dollar industry. This money goes to the lawyers, judges, courts, “expert witnesses”, mediators and evaluators that live off the divorce mill. Money is the fuel that makes marketing this industry very lucrative. It thrives on the innocence of its victims and their fragile emotional state. It tells them, “trust me” then abuses that trust. It encourages litigation when negotiation would be cheaper and less emotionally destructive.

Planning and information make the difference between divorce nightmares and divorcing with dignity. Make no mistake: it is difficult and frightening to divorce a pathological spouse who is paying someone to help him or her to do so. Your spouse’s attorney is an ally who can carry out dirty tricks and suggest new ones. Make sure you plan for this possibility too. Research opposing counsel just as you researched your state’s family code.

Ann Bradley

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