When Anxiety is Hijacking Your Life, Get Rid of It

Anxiety is a part of the human condition. Everyone, everyday has some. But when it controls your actions, your sleeping, your eating and robs you of joy and becomes your only companion it is time to do something about it. Maybe you are anxious in the middle of a divorce or thinking of en ending a relationship, or just out of one. It’s hard to make decisions in this situation.

You have to start somewhere in relieving anxiety and stress so you can move on and away from the pain of the narcissist experience.

Motion Over Emotion

In court you or your lawyer wrote motions. Motions are a document that ask the court to move on something, hence the name, ‘motion’. You make a motion for a continuance, a motion for  property possession,  for a restraining order, for support issues. You want something done, you want the court to move on the issue.  The document filed (the motion) is written in legal language, full of facts, case law, dates, etc. There is no emotion. You do not write a motion that screams,  “Do this Your Honor because I am losing my mind, my spouse is horrible and you are a lazy SOB so do this now!!”   You would get nowhere.

Your life is not any different. If you are emotional, you get panicked and anxious. If you are clear headed and anxiety free you can realistically look at the situation and say, “I don’t like this attorney, I am going to interview some others instead of freaking out. I can get 20 minute pro bono consultations and that should shed some light on the situation.”

I’ve spent years working with people analyzing their narcissists, but at a certain point it is only re-victimizing yourself to do so. YOU DESERVE TO THINK ABOUT YOU. Peacefully and calmly.

So, write a motion to yoursef. You are the judge of your life – make a decision. “Read” the motion you wrote to yourself. You don’t have to actually write a motion, you know, just play along with this. Action (motion) edges out the anxiety. I’m sure you have heard that exercise produces endorphins. Any motion will kickstart the removal of panic and anxiety. What does your motion say? “Your honor, I would like to ask the court to assist this petitioner in taking yoga classes, going swimming, riding her bike, taking a vacation, visiting her high school best friend.”

What you don’t want is to be imprisoned by the chains of panic and anxiety. You may want to sleep, let things slide and actually, this is the worst time to do this. You need to be in control.

If you want some help, you may want to try something like this: Panic and Anxiety Help – Click on it and read. I’ve had people tell me they liked it, but you decide for yourself if its a program you want.

Remember this – anxiety is a message. Listen to it. Even welcome it, embrace it, and then, when you have understood the message, kick it to the curb.  You can function without it, live and laugh when it is gone. Start.

Ann Bradley

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